Sprinkler Systems

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Sprinkler Systems

At Diamond Irrigation we have the experience and expertise to design and install sprinkler systems that will help keep your lawn lush and green while saving you money.

No more dragging hoses and manual sprinklers around the lawn only to miss spots and have patches of dead grass mixed in with your healthy grass. Our sprinkler systems can help you to reduce the amount of water that is wasted by manually watering your lawn and help to ensure that your entire lawn receives the correct amount of water.


Diamond Irrigation will handle all of the steps involved with a new sprinkler installation, from initial design through the final inspection after the sprinkler system is ready for use.


  • Design sprinkler system
  • Install sprinkler system
  • Check water pressure and water flow capacity at property
  • Have a qualified plumber install backflow
  • Install poly lines throughout property/these lines are what provide the water supply to the sprinkler heads
  • Build sprinkler manifold
  • install sprinkler valve box and wire valves
  • Install and program sprinkler controller/sprinkler clock
  • Connect and bury sprinkler heads
  • Nozzle sprinkler heads
  • Inspect sprinkler system and adjust sprinkler heads


Proper yearly maintenance of your sprinkler system can help extend the live of the system and prevent costly repairs. In addition to installing your new irrigation system, Diamond Irrigation can perform routing startup in the spring and winterization in the fall to ensure that your sprinklers keep you lawn green for years to come. 
Step 1: Turn on water to irrigation system/pressurize irrigation system

Step 2: Make sure all zones run from controller

Step 3:  Inspect irrigation system for leaks

Step 4: inspect all heads spray patterns and coverage (also checking height of head and straightness)

Step 5: Program irrigation cycle onto controller and check back up battery

**The Spring Start Up and Inspection occurs every April or May

Once the system has been inspected to ensure everything is functioning properly, the next step is to evaluate the quality of the grass on the property and determine the appropriate steps needed to create a well-established lawn. This is achieved by considering the grade (slope) of the property, amount of sun exposure to the area, the amount of concrete in the area, soil content, time of year, and the amount of landscape or turf. The goal is to always be conservative with the amount of water that is used in an irrigation system.

Step 1: Inspect irrigation system for leaks
Step 2: inspect all heads spray patterns and coverage (also checking height of head and straightness)
Step 3: Program irrigation cycle onto controller to prepare for hot summer months

**The Summer Inspection occurs every June and July

As the seasons change, this is the time of year we want to prepare your lawn for the hot summer months. Once the system has been inspected to ensure everything is functioning properly we will add additional runtime to each zone and possibly increase the number of days the system runs.

Step 1: Shut water off to irrigation system
Step 2: Depressurize backflow
Step 3: Blow compressed air through outside lines
Step 4: Turn controller to off position

**The Fall Winterization occurs in October

Winterizing your irrigation system will increase the life of your system. Don’t wait to late to schedule your blowout because one night of freezing temperatures could burst your pipes.


Images provided courtesy of Rain Bird Corporation.

Sprinkler head replacement/sprinkler heads can be damaged by numerous things some examples are ran over by vehicle, hit by mowers, stepped on, snow removal, winter freeze, etc. sprinkler heads also fail over time either the seal will begin to leak or gears will strip causing head not to rotate.

Some typical repairs include:

  • Cleaning and replacing nozzle on the sprinkler head.
  • Replacing solenoid  – this is what responds to the clock and allows the valve to open and close).
  • Poly pipe or flex pipe break – this is the pipe under ground that feeds sprinkler heads. It most commonly is damaged by winter freeze, hit with shovel or machine, pinched by tree root, etc..
The grass is always greener on the other side…

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