Frequently Asked Questions


When is a good time to turn on a SPRINKLER system?

It is a good time to turn on a sprinkler system in the middle of April. You will need to watch for nights that are below freezing ( 32° ) if your sprinkler system is already on. If the temperature falls below freezing, depressurizing the backflow is needed to prevent any damage to the sprinkler system. If you do not know how to depressurize your backflow, please call Diamond Irrigation.

Backflow – A device that allows water to go through it in one direction but prevents it from going backwards in the opposite direction. The backflow is a brass pipe located on the outside of the house/building

Depressurize– to release pressure


What time of day should the SPRINKLER system be running?

Allowing the sprinkler  system to complete its entire cycle, ending as close to sunrise, is the best practice for lawn care. If the system is on right before or after the sun goes down, the grass will sit wet all night which will increase the risk of fungus to grow. Running the system during the heat of the day will cause a tremendous amount of water to be lost due to evaporation.


How do I know how much water a lawn needs?

Factors such as shade, amount of concrete, sunlight, slope of the area, and soil content determine the amount of water needed to efficiently water a lawn. My goal is to consider all these factors while using as little water as possible when creating an established lawn.


Why is it important to winterize (blow out) my sprinkler system?

When temperatures turn freezing, it can damage an sprinkler system that is not winterized. If water is left in the sprinkler pipes, it will expand once it freezes and may cause the pipes to burst which can be costly to repair for the sprinkler system and for any damage caused to the surrounding areas.

Winterize– To prepare the sprinkler pipes for the winter by removing any remaining water.


When is a good time to winterize (blow out) a SPRINKLER irrigation system?

It is generally a good time to winterize a sprinkler system in the beginning of October before temperatures fall below freezing.

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